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From initiation to completion, we lead your projects to success.

WIC – The full-service project management provider with industry-specific expertise in the automotive, medical technology, and pharmaceutical industries.
We offer all the necessary knowledge and resources for your projects from a single source – and just when you need it.

Die Dienstleistungen von WIC auf einen Blick.

Die Dienstleistungen von WIC auf einen Blick.

Project management consulting

As project consultants, we are committed to providing ongoing mentorship and active support throughout the entire project. We will ensure that your team has a uniform understanding of project implementation, and provide training and workshops tailored to your project. We will collaborate with you to create customized solutions for the successful implementation of your project.


  • Development and introduction of project management processes and methods
  • Workshop moderation
  • Training and coaching of project management knowledge in project teams
  • Process optimization within project execution


Our methodological expertise



  • IPMA® (Level D to B)
  • Project lead qualification
    in accordance with PMI®


  • Scrum™ (Product Owner Scrum Master)
  • SAFe® Agilist


  • Hybrid+ (IPMA)
  • Individual and tailored
    PM methods

Project management service

We are happy to offer our expertise and resources to assist with the operational implementation of your projects. We offer you the opportunity to outsource the entire project management and leadership to us or to integrate us into your team to provide project management support.


  • Provision of complete project teams
  • Project management office support
  • Initiation and planning of projects/programs
  • Project/program steering
  • Risk management
  • Tracking and reporting of project or program progress

Project management recruiting

Thanks to our many years of experience in project management, we have built up an extensive network of freelance experts. We can access this network and flexibly respond to your project requirements. This means we can fill gaps in your team and help you overcome bottlenecks without it being necessary for you to enter into long-term commitments.


  • Effective project support provided by our project management experts
  • Extensive network of freelance specialists
  • Can be deployed in a versatile manner to meet the requirements of the project

Project Management ACADEMY

We would like to share with you our many years of project management expertise based on various certifications and practical experience. We provide you with everything you need to ensure the success of your company’s projects.


  • PM training courses
  • PM network
  • PM events
  • PM templates
  • PM tools

Industry-specific services

Because we specialize in the medical technology, pharmaceutical, and automotive industries, we provide the following industry-specific expertise in addition to the services mentioned above.


Are you currently working on the development of a new product, medication, or vehicle? We collaborate with product development teams to establish the production process and support you with our project management expertise in the product creation process – to ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget, and in the required quality.


If you are in the process of acquiring a company and want to integrate it into your corporate group, we can offer comprehensive support with all pending restructuring efforts.



Would you like to optimize your production network by relocating production lines or even establishing a new site? We are here to assist you in establishing, planning, and optimizing standardized production processes. We would also be happy to handle supplier management for you.



Are you planning to make product changes to your medical technology product? We assist in change management and work with you to establish a structured approach that ensures product quality, safety, and compliance with regulatory requirements.



Do you intend to implement new processes in the administrative or value-adding areas due to a reorganization? We can help you document your processes and identify opportunities for improvement. We will work with you to design and implement a new process.



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