Congratulations on your IPMA certification

Sebastian Müller, Jasmin Manz, and Ali El-Sibai have achieved IPMA Level D certification.
Sebastian Müller, Jasmin Manz, and Ali El-Sibai have achieved IPMA Level D certification.

We wish to congratulate Jasmin Manz, Ali El-Sibai, and Sebastian Müller on their successful IPMA Level D certification.

This certification is one of the most widely recognized and highly valued among project managers worldwide, serving as a crucial validation of skills and competencies in this field.

We rely on the high quality and expertise of our employees when supporting companies in planning and executing projects and improving their business processes. We are therefore committed to providing ongoing support to our employees and enhancing their skills and knowledge to keep them up to date.

“You are the greatest project you will ever work on.”
This quote captures the essence of our conviction. We place great value on individual training and the personal development of our employees, and recognize the importance of these aspects both for them and for our success as an enterprise.

Congratulations once again to Jasmin, Ali, and Sebastian on their remarkable achievements! We are grateful to have such committed and highly qualified team members.

Jasmin: This additional training was a valuable supplement to the hands-on experience that I accumulate every day at WIC in project management – a good balance of practice and theory helps me to effectively manage each project with increasing proficiency.

Ali: I am very grateful that WIC offers us these development opportunities – the fact that the all costs are covered shows the degree to which WIC supports us in our personal and professional development.

Sebastian: The IPMA certification has greatly enhanced my grasp of project management methods and concepts, providing me with valuable insights into the theoretical aspects of project work. Thanks to this training, I am equipped to work on projects even more effectively and efficiently.

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